Request for Proposal


The Mission

ODM Real Estate Ventures, L.L.C. (ODM) is proud to announce the commencement of its Co-Development Program, a continuation of its purpose-driven development approach that prioritizes prosperity for Detroiters through inclusion, equity and the environment. The Co-Development Program is contemplated by the Community Benefits Agreement among ODM, the City of Detroit and others, associated with a ten (10) project, $1.5 billion plan of development approved by the City and Michigan Strategic Fund in 2023. 

This request for proposal (this Co-Developer RFP) is designed to create opportunities for emerging developers who are disadvantaged businesses or Detroit-Based Businesses, Detroit-Headquartered Businesses, and Detroit-Resident Businesses to participate in the

development of three (3) sites currently owned by affiliates of ODM, through a joint venture with ODM or its affiliates that is fair and commercially reasonable to such co-developer.

The Co-Developer RFP process will begin with a Qualification Period, followed by the release of three (3) specific sites (the Project-Specific Period), each staggered every 90 days, to allow for full study, thoughtful engagement and well-informed proposals.

The Co-Developer RFP is another example of our commitment to support local businesses and foster meaningful partnerships in The District Detroit.

Project-Specific Sites

1. 475 Peterboro

Located on Peterboro Street between Cass Avenue and Second Avenue across from the popular Detroit Shipping Company collective. Designed in the Beaux-Arts style by architectural firm Pollmar & Ropes in 1914 as The Woodstock Apartments, it originally comprised 71 apartments over two buildings. The buildings are each three stories, contain a total of 47,506 square feet, and their construction is type III, with a masonry bearing wood frame. The site is zoned SD2 (special development district). Potential use guidance is renovation as apartments. Preliminary guidance: co-developer role and responsibilities will be construction and completion lead.

2. 81 W. Columbia

Located at the southeast corner of Park Avenue and Columbia Street, adjacent to the Fox Theatre and Little Caesars Global Resource Center, this site is situated at a corner gateway to the fully developed, walkable block of retail shops and dining along Columbia Street.  Designed in the transitional style by architectural firm Baxter and O’Dell in 1909 as the Blenheim Apartments, it originally comprised 19 apartments and a speakeasy. The building is four stories, contains 17,500 square feet, and its construction is type III, consisting of wood frame with a masonry bearing brick corridor. The site is zoned B5 (major business district) and is historically designated within the Park Avenue Historic District. Potential use guidance includes boutique residential/hospitality, or specialty retail. Preliminary guidance: co-developer role and responsibilities will be development lead inclusive of construction and capitalization.

3. 44 & 48 W. ADAMS

Located on West Adams Avenue just west of Woodward Avenue and overlooking Grand Circus Park, the site comprises two parcels containing a total of 0.523 acres, with the south parcel also containing the 7-story decorative masonry façade of the former Fine Arts building designed in the Spanish Gothic style by architect Louis Kamper in 1905.  The parcels are zoned B5 (major business district) and are historically designated within the Grand Circus Park Historic District. Potential use guidance includes flagship retail and residential. Preliminary guidance: co-developer role and responsibilities will be development lead inclusive of construction and capitalization.

Key Dates

April 24, 2024
6:00 am ET

RFP Issue Date

May 8, 2024
2:00 pm ET

Information Session

May 16, 2024
2:00 pm ET

Information Session

April 24 –
June 19, 2024
5:00 pm ET

Q+A Period

June 26, 2024
5:00 pm ET

Qualification Form Due

July 31, 2024
5:00 pm ET

Project-Specific Period Commences

Qualification Period Process

60-day period available to prospective co-developers to respond.

Prospective co-developers will have the opportunity to meet with the ODM team, learn about the project sites, and ask questions.

Prospective co-developers will submit responses to an online qualification form with information about their organization, capabilities, capacity and experience.

Questions must be submitted via email to with
answers to submitted questions released on a rolling basis.

Project-Specific Period Process

Invitation packets will be sent for each Project-Specific site.
Invitees will be selected from those that responded during the Qualification Period.

Upon invitation acceptance, prospective co-developers will have sixty (60) days thereafter to access electronic property records, conduct walk throughs/site visits, and meet with the ODM team and a City liaison to ask specific questions.

Each invitation packet will include guidance regarding development program and deal structure.

Completed submissions will be reviewed by the ODM team, and all factors will be taken into consideration prior to selecting a co-developer.

ODM and the selected co-developer for each Project-Specific site will thereafter enter into formal discussions regarding the agreements that will govern the development of each project site.

The District Detroit Opportunity Center

If needed, internet access will be provided to complete the
Qualification Form at The District Detroit Opportunity Center located at:

2277 Woodward Avenue
Detroit, MI 48201

Monday – Thursday | 10:00 am to 5:00 pm ET

*Hours may vary during events and game days